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Web Design

Our web design services are designed to provide you an exclusive look and sense that is entirely in custody with your company’s look and feel. We put forward web design services that fit your every unique need. So no matter what your objective or the size of your organization – our web design services help at every step of the way.

Whether you wish to pep up an existing site or make a new one from scratch we can provide all these services. One of the great advantages of web design lies in the ability to create websites that accurately match your own design ideas. We become conscious that your website is a reflection of your brand and corporate identity. Statistics also show that customers tend to stay longer on a site that has better design and functionality. Stand out from the rest! Back →

Web Application Development

Backend architecture is the backbone of every website to be able to execute optimally. No matter how good the front end design, a website is of no real use unless it is supported by well executed programs and scripts. Our web application development services encompass all aspects of your business .We believe in end-to-end web development.

Our web application development services are holistic in nature and we assure you that your website will benefit your brand and structure. More importantly our end solution will help you reach your business goals effectively and on time. Your transactional and sophisticated website will leverage more business with our advanced technology, intelligent design and web applications. Back →

E-commerce - Online Shopping Cart Solutions

E-commerce has been a tad of a buzz word for the last couple of years now. User knowledge of an e-commerce solution is not just how it looks; it is how it responds uniquely to each user’s requests. Trading on the Internet is a tremendously multifaceted business and there are loads of aspects to think about when designing a successful ecommerce site. We deal with the organizations to help them implement, migrate and optimize their e-commerce solutions to peak. We can make the entire process of e-commerce less complicated by sitting down with you and planning the different stages.

We would learn about your business model, and then apply what we have learnt to a site which will be designed in juxtaposition with you. E-commerce solution requirements vary from client to client. By not being tied to one particular product we can recommend the most popular technology to fulfil your needs. Unlike the majority of shopping solutions our application is designed to be totally customizable. We make your shopping carts and sites friendly and reliable to the public by providing services satisfying the needs of both customers and service providers.  Back →

Payment Gateway Integration

Every customer in today's world wants to buy & pay with ease & security. This has led to the growth of payment gateways. We allow your online customers to process payments online and pay with their credit cards or checks right on your website. We are 100% confident with the intention of integrating payment system into your website no matter what.

We offer payment gateway solutions that are customized to meet the needs of our clients consequently they can reach maximum transaction success with one fully integrated solution. Our technology is flexible and can integrate at any level, across multiple entities and territories enabling you to manage all your payment and fraud processing needs. It means you’ll be able to give your customers a consistent transaction experience across all their devices. Back →

ERP Application Development

Achievement of a corporation triumph relies upon predominantly on its planning. That’s why all corporate firms need to plan out resources, which is known as ERP or business source planning. We are very wholehearted to understand that resource planning as well as corporate investment. Thus, based on these two factors we are carrying out the industry best ERP solutions for our valuable clients. We offer end-to-end services in implementation, upgrades, migration, maintenance and support.

We have achieved lots of success for offering ERP solutions on global platform which is due to our dedicated workforce for same. We always keep ourselves updated with the latest technology as well as knowledge for ERP. Our offered ERP solution is suitable for all types of businesses regardless of the size. Our ERP services offer business solutions that help companies build end-to-end business process enabling optimization of business functions. Back →

Corporate Management Software

Since financials touch every part of a business from production to human resources conflicting or inaccurate financial reports can spell disaster for the many moving parts of a company. Corporate management software that unifies many Finance processes including budgeting, forecasting, financial consolidation, financial close, reporting, and disclosure in a single solution.

Corporate performance management software collects operational data from a company's various systems and helps to manage its financial information. We simplify the complex processes of CMS, making it easier than ever for companies to manage and control the complexities of financial processes - without separate products for budgeting, forecasting, consolidation and reporting. We can address one or all of these processes in a single solution. Back →

Employee's Task Management Software

Do you feel like you've lost track of your projects? Not sure if employees are spending too much time, or not enough time of tasks? Budget overruns? Check this out! Our task management software features are designed to ease that pain. Specifically, we're talking about teams of employees who each contribute work to projects, and who each need to efficiently go from task to task. A software which helps to track the daily and monthly work task of employee and its allows employee's reporting authority to Approve, Reject or Hold his task.

Task management together with project management and time management; help us achieve the goals we set. We believe that task management is even more powerful because task is a fundamental unit of anything we do, so if we do something wrong on task level, it will affect the whole project or business plan. From a well-managed implementation, responsive day-to-day support, and strategic services that help you transform your workforce management practices we’re committed to providing you with a strong start for early success, continuous value, and services that help you work smarter.  Back →

School Management Software

Our school management software will help your school manage student and staff data, streamline administrative tasks, maximize school-to-home communication and inspire student performance and success. Whether your school is private, public, international, Software offers packages that meet all of your student data management requirements. We offer solutions for every area of your school: The school solutions offered by us are rich in features with enhanced control of the system. It provides state-of-the-art online portal for academic community members with powerful back-end administrative capabilities as our intranet platform makes it easier than ever to learn online.

Our philosophy is based upon providing the ultimate solutions in school management software, which has helped us in gaining competitive edge over our competitors. We understand the fact that increased globalization has led to educational institutions to work at lightning speed. We therefore pledge to offer solutions that competitively put forward your institution better than the others. We continuously strive in developing secure and well-managed School Management Software for our colleges and universities so that upcoming generation can excel in the long run by taking full advantage of internet. Moreover, our school management system is unique in a sense that we keep ourselves abreast to the latest changes in technology. Back →

College Management Software

We are specializes in the development of broad varieties of software. In fact, we develop software not only for companies, but also for colleges, universities, schools, institutions and libraries that can not only help in the effective management of cost, but at the same time can also provide the option of customization. Under a single system, all the departments and its functions can easily be integrated. Ranging from management of admission to payroll, transport, accounts, everything is managed effectively.

The most excellent advantage that is drawn from the College Management Software that we develop is that it largely reduces the work load. Since the data is recorded on a large platform, the complicacy involved in a task is greatly reduced. This involves less man power and lesser work load. It allows you to use the enterprise-wide information from an integrated database; website and also easily you can track your all college management activities and departments. Back →

Student Database Software

Need to generate background checks for graduate school applicants? With one click, you are able to generate a complete student conduct history, and print it on your professional letterhead. We offer a comprehensive online student management system specifically designed for schools. Every function is fully integrated using a single, powerful, and completely secure database.

Databases have become more and more indispensable in our daily life. We deal with data every day. It is hard to imagine what the world would be like without databases. School management system can handle the varied needs of your school. A powerful, well-organized student database is essential for any student conduct office, and student record offers a complete transaction history providing unprecedented student insight. Back →

HR-Job Portal

Invom has the talent to meet and surpass your demands to go well with your business. We take your dream and turn into reality with developing your portal with the latest trends. We deliver everything you’d expect from us. Our specialization is in developing effective job portal, website and web application for a wide range of businesses. We offer our solutions easy to use and maintain fully flexible, rich features and high class quality. Invom has been successful in creating a large number of job portals for its clients.

Apart from numerous provisions incorporated into the job portals, we also offer the employers the provision of keeping job postings confidential and visible to only a limited number of website visitors. Facility of sending group mails and automated alerts to the targeted candidates is also being included within the job portals created by us. Our clients also get an easy access to the database of the job seekers who register themselves with the website. With all these features, the job portals created by us become effective recruitment tools.  Back →

Existing Website Maintenance (or) Redesign

Don’t have the time for maintenance service issues? Leave it to us! We provide effective maintenance solutions that constantly keep your website fresh and relevant. No more kaput links and archaic technology! We realize that your website is not a mere site. It’s a reflection of your brand, your company, and your future goals.

Besides, it’s the solitary interface between you and your customer. That’s why we take great care to ensure not in finding the middle ground on look and feel in our maintenance services. So customers keep approaching for what’s fresh on the site. Our maintenance services also ensure that your site never gets lost among search engine rankings. So you always get new customers and more sales! Back →


Dealing out payroll can take up a lot of time for today's small business owners. The economic qualms of modern times have seen the foreword of taxation changes which will also have an effect on your payroll calculations. At The Payroll Department, we look to take the intact headache out of payroll for our clients. By focusing on payroll services, we forfeit attention to the details, monitor every change in the laws and how it affects our clients, and offer only what our clients really need.

By outsourcing your payroll function to us you will guarantee clear-cut calculations and compliance with ever changing taxation requirements. We will manage your payroll from beginning to end ensuring you meet all your obligations.  Back →