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Offshore Development Methodology

A robust offshore software development methodology is of vital importance to successfully implement any offshore outsourcing strategy and reap the benefits of offshore development in terms of cost effectiveness and business flexibility.

A brief outline of the steps involved in our offshore development methodology has been discussed below:

A Project Manager (PM) from Invom Technology and a Project Co-ordinator (PC) from the client's side are nominated. Collectively, the PM and the PC are responsible for front-ending all activities.

→ The PM interacts and establishes a working rapport with the PC, discussing and understanding the client's objectives, establishing communication protocol and finalizing reporting format and reporting frequency. In addition, the client's design approach , development and QA standards and norms for acceptance are understood.

→ Post this, the Project Manager (PM) from Invom Technology formulates a detailed project plan, which includes the necessary resources for the project, the duration mutually agreed by the two parties and the deliverables to be achieved.

→ After getting client approval, the Invom Technology development team starts with the actual work. Regular reporting and interaction between the in timely clarifications of any issues on either side. This also helps maintain the outsourcing quality standards mutually agreed between the two parties.

→ Onsite visits may be required initially for bringing the project offsite, and at the end for delivering the software. However, the actual sequence of steps could vary depending on the specifications of a given project.

Pricing Modules

Invom Technology offers you the following price models to ensure your competitive advantage in a changing marketplace. You have the option to combine one or more available models as part of your business strategy.

Fixed Priced projects

Invom Technology follows a Fixed Price Model for projects that are specifically defined in terms of their requirements, schedules and project path. This model is preferred by clients who have a clear project scope available with them at the onset of the project, along with detailed software requirements specifications (SRS).

T&M projects

The Time and Materials (T&M) price model is preferred when the scope of requirements can not be specified at the beginning of the project. This model is suitable for projects which are in their initial stage of development, and specifications have not yet been clearly defined.

The client pays an hourly development fee; which is a fee agreed mutually at the time of agreement. The hourly fee payable varies depending upon the complexity of the task, and the desired experience and qualification of the personnel involved in the development.

Dedicated Team

The Projects necessitate long term, dedicated resources fall under the scope of this model. Herein, we offer clients the flexibility of being assigned dedicated personnel. Under this model, the customer pays for pre-developed products, materials, process set-ups and all resources deployed under a yearly / half-yearly, quarterly contract.

Billing for resources and for other actual expenses (as approved by the customer), is done on a monthly basis.

Payment Schedule

The Payment Schedule depends on the pricing model used. Following are the schedules based on the 3 types of pricing approaches:

Fixed Priced projects: For projects with a detailed technical specification available, we provide a fixed-price offer, which is invoiced and paid in parts according to the payment schedule specified under the contract. The project is initiated after the payment of a pre-determined advance amount.

T&M projects / Dedicated Team

For long-term projects, where the total effort cannot be estimated in advance, we sign a contract stipulating the team roles and their rates, and invoice the client on a monthly basis. The project is initiated after the payment of a pre-determined advance amount, which is adjusted subsequently in the later payments.

Payment Methods

Our preferred method for securing payments is via wire / bank transfers.