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Software Development Lifecycle

A Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) can adopt various development models - ranging from the traditional? Waterfall’ model to more rapid, iterative and agile approaches. At Invom Technology, we tailor a project plan to suit your needs and allow you to derive maximum benefit from the engagement.

We begin a project by working in close coordination with the client to ensure that we clearly understand the business problems and what the client is trying to achieve. We recognize that business priorities and approaches may change over time, thereby requiring a flexible approach to application design and development.

We have outlined the Invom Technology SDLC by way of a diagrammatic representation of the same. The following sections then describe the various stages of the SDLC.

  •          Project Team Formation and Investigation Phase

             Project Planning

             System Requirements Analysis

             System Design and Project Trackingt

             Quality Assurance (QA)

             Software Configuration Management (SCM)